Non-violence Programmes

When domestic violence is present in the home, it affects all who experience or witness it. There are many faces of domestic violence and the affects of domestic violence is ongoing if it is not addressed. We offer non-violence support to both men and women (separately). This can be delivered in both group and individual sessions (please enquire within regarding the individual sessions as a cost may incur).

This programme focuses on empowering participants to make positive choices when managing their emotions in order to keep themselves and those around them safe.

Vaka Pasifika currently offer two programmes including;

  1. To'a 'i loto (strength within) is for men.
  2. Fisi (blossom) has been created for our women

Both programmes aim to develop skills to recognize triggers, solutions, the impact of our actions on others, and the ability to make positive choices for ourselves and those around us. Each programme is offered in both group and individual settings and run for 12 weeks with follow up after 3 months.